neděle 10. srpna 2014

CERN memoirs – First impression

I am at CERN as a technical student for more than one month and think it is time to make the same thing I did in Oxford. Write some blog posts about this place. So here it is… my first post.

When you see it… 

I traveled to CERN by car. This is probably the best way how to get to CERN if you live in Europe and you have to take a lots of stuff with you. Alternatively you can travel by airplane. There is big Geneva airport with CERN shuttle (

But that is not what exactly what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about my first impression. I have never been in this part of Europe before. And I was pretty amazed when I first came here and I saw beautiful Jura Mountains on a west side and beautiful Geneva Lake, beautiful Geneva city and totally stunning Alps on an east side. Did I use the word “beautiful” too many times? No I did not. ;-)

The thing is… surrounding area of CERN is really nice and it combines all I love about nature and cities. 

Then you love IT… 

Another great experience was when I saw The Globe of Science and Innovation for the first time. It was a moment when I realized: “I am finally here. After so many years of dreaming being here… I am here and I can enjoy it for a whole year.” Yeah, after a long time I was excited about something that happened to me. :-)

So my first impression of this place/area was: “God damn that is amazing”. The only thing I wasn’t enthusiastic about are prices in Geneva and this region generally. Geneva is considered to be the most expensive city in the world so partying there is… great but you need to have a lots of money. But I thing I will write about this topic a separate post later. :-)